Thailand is replete with tourist attractions, relaxing retreats, abundant cuisine, and a captivating culture that mirrors the charm of its people’s way of life. This makes Thailand a sought-after destination for numerous travelers each year. Of course, embarking on a journey to explore Thailand necessitates obtaining relevant information for smooth travels and a comfortable experience. This website has compiled essential information that proves advantageous for all types of travelers and explorers. Learn more

Provices Worth Visiting in Thailand - Ranked by Searches


Thailand boasts a plethora of year-round tourist destinations that cater to every preference, and this doesn’t even account for the continual emergence of new attractions. It’s safe to say that our Thailand is almost a paradise for travelers. Now, let’s take a look at the most enticing provinces to visit, ranked by global searches:

Seaside and Beach Tourist Spots


During the hot season in Thailand, the beauty of the sea is at its peak. That’s why our Thai seas are always alluring, regardless of how much time has passed. Thailand’s waters are captivating, complete with the Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea, and the Southern Sea. Whether you want to go snorkeling or simply take a leisurely stroll along the shore, there are plenty of choices. The most beautiful sea and sky await. For those seeking an invigorating encounter with the waves or a refreshing dip in the cool sea, options are available across these clear-water zones, ready to welcome summer. So, plan to visit these stunning seas and picture-perfect beaches.

Mountain Tourism in Thailand


For anyone searching for picturesque mountains in Thailand to explore or relax, the most beautiful mountains in the country shouldn’t be missed. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also offer a wide range of activities and various nearby tourist sites to visit. This is something particularly attractive to mountain enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on exploring pre-monsoon destinations, embracing misty atmospheres. Those who love mountains will undoubtedly appreciate the mountain trekking ambiance, the exhilarating experience of breathing in fresh air atop peaks, and the excitement of encountering morning mist. Pitching a tent on the mountainside is also an option. Which mountain peaks are worth exploring? Let’s take a look!

want you to try

When visiting Thailand, it’s a common practice for many travelers to bring back souvenirs as cherished memories or even just to purchase unique items that can’t be found elsewhere, especially if there’s unused foreign currency left. So, when we’re heading abroad to visit friends or when friends come to visit us and wish to buy souvenirs, what should we buy? It’s well-known that a significant number of tourists visit Thailand each year. Today, let’s explore what souvenirs tourists generally prefer to purchase in Thailand – whether it’s for eating, using, or gifting.

Update on Important News Related to Thai Tourists' Behavior

The latest news in Thailand, spanning all corners of the country. Stay informed with the most recent updates from every province, district, and region across Thailand. Read urgent news and significant updates from all regions, including the Northeast, Eastern, Western, and Northern regions. Especially focusing on news that is beneficial for tourists visiting Thailand. Stay updated here.

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