Saraburi Province

Saraburi Province

Saraburi Province is situated in the transition area between the Central and Northeastern regions of Thailand. It is a province with significant tourism resources, encompassing Buddhist sites, historical landmarks, cultural traditions, and natural attractions.

Having a history dating back over 300 years, Saraburi has flourished culturally since the 16th to 20th centuries, and it officially became a province during the Ayutthaya period under the reign of King Rama V. Its foundation was due to the need for a military base during times of war and maintaining its status as a province through the reign of King Rama VII.

Saraburi Province is not far from Bangkok, allowing for a round trip in a single day. The diverse range of tourism activities in the province rotates with the seasons, offering year-round travel opportunities. Presently, Saraburi is a favored destination among tourists.

Tourist Attractions in Saraburi

Namtok Jed Sao Noi: “Seven Young Ladies” Waterfall, known for its scenic beauty.

Khun Dom-Maek Farm: A farm offering milk and dairy products.

Namtok Jed Kot: “Seven Edges” Waterfall, noted for its seven-tiered cascades.

Namtok Grok E-Dok: “Lizard” Waterfall, characterized by its lizard-like shape.

Wat Pa Sawang Boon: Temple surrounded by serene woods.

Wat Phra Phut Chai: Temple showcasing a revered Buddha image.

Sao Hai Vintage Market: Historic marketplace with rustic charm.

Coffee Plantation House Museum: Museum within a coffee plantation setting.

Wat Nong Si Da: Temple known for its tranquil environment.

Big Buddha Garden: Garden featuring a large Buddha statue.

Wat Tham Dao Khao Kaew: Temple with a cave and emerald-colored cavern.

Wat Phra Phutthabat: Temple with a revered Buddha footprint.

Umong Railway Bridge Monument: Monument commemorating the Umong railway bridge.

Mueang Khaep Steel Pool: Iron reservoir for water storage.

Hua Plee Market: Local market in Hua Plee district.

Namtok Sam Larn: “Three Stages” Waterfall with three distinct tiers.

Puu Panthuk Vineyard: Vineyard offering grapes for harvesting.

Wat Tham Phra Phoet Sat: Temple with animal-shaped cave formations.

Sai Thong Farm: Farm specializing in silk production