Thai People’s Traits that Foreigners Should Know Before Traveling to Thailand

Habits-of-Thai-people (1)
  1. Land of Smiles: Thais tend to smile all the time, no matter what happens, whether it’s something serious or just a bit annoying. I often see them smiling, and I believe their happiness comes from within.
  2. Ice in Everything: Thais love putting ice in almost every type of drink, even if it’s already cold.
  3. Sauce Galore: Thai people enjoy strongly flavored foods, and they often add condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, or chili sauce to various dishes, including pizza, sausages, and more, for added flavor.
  4. Snacking All Day: Thai people typically have rice or noodles as their main meals, but that doesn’t mean they won’t snack throughout the day, both with friends and family. You’ll often see them snacking non-stop.
  5. No Knife Required: When Thais eat at the table, they use only a spoon and fork for most dishes. If it’s a meat dish, they might use their hands.
  6. Quick Ordering: When dining in Thailand, waitstaff may bring you a menu, but they often expect you to place your order as soon as you sit down.
  7. Women Carry Only a Wallet for Lunch: Thai women typically leave their bags at the office and carry only their wallets when going out for lunch. They also use the wallet to reserve tables.
  8. Foot Washing: Thai people like to wash their feet immediately after returning home to get rid of dust or odors, especially in areas with a predominantly hot climate.
  9. Politeness: Thais often end their sentences with “khrap” (for males) or “kha” (for females) to show respect and politeness. Even when speaking English, they may use “khrap” or “kha” to convey courtesy.
  10. Respect for the Monarchy: Thai people hold deep respect for the Thai monarchy. Millions of Thais celebrate the King’s birthday by wearing yellow shirts to honor him.
  11. Love for the Homeland: Many Thais travel and live abroad, but they always have a deep love for Thailand, their home country.
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